The Production Process For Your CNC Machining Parts

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Every CNC machine parts manufacturing process has its place in the development cycle, but unlike it's brothers and sisters, CNC machining is a quasi-universal process that can be a sensible choice to use at any given phase of your development cycle.

1. Once the customers place the orders to Fifth Metal, our purchasing department will buy the raw material from qualified vendors, this could make sure we use the correct material. All the material we purchasing passes the SGS testing, they are RoHS. Also the content of the material is made according to International standard.

2. Then our operators will adjust our cnc machines quickly. The material will be cut into pieces in the production stage.

3. After the machines are adjusted well, we will make the cnc machining per drawings, in the production process, our workers will check the sizes frequently and then write them down. This could make sure all the sizes are within the tolerances.

4. After the cnc machining process, we will put these semi-finished products in well condition, if the parts needs to be plating or anodizing, they will send them out for surface plating. All the plating vendors are RoHS.

5. In order to make sure the goods that we will ship is good, before packing we will make the 100% inspection and selection. And then pack them in well.

So our customers relay and trust us very much. Fifth Metal is a CNC manufacturing company, including CNC machining services, CNC milling services, CNC turning services and laser cutting services. Call us +86-15322401809 or email us for more discounts for your projects.

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