What Are The Processes Of Precision Machining Parts

- Jun 19, 2018 -

the processes of precision machining parts

Precision forging straight bevel gear precision forging process is now used in mass production of cars and tractor differential planetary bevel gear, semi-bevel gear, and agricultural machinery, construction machinery gear box in the manufacturing process of bevel gears, heat After precision forging precision of 8, can be used directly without machining. Planetary bevel gear cutting and precision forging two production process comparison.

So what are the precision machining parts processing it? The following is Noble smarts manufacturing technology introduce it.

Preparation of production and skills such as planning and production of skills planning and special skills equipment preparation, preparation of production plans, preparation of production materials, etc.

Blank production such as casting, casting, stamping, etc .;

Machining parts machining, heat treatment, the appearance of disposal;

Product installation, such as assembly, loading, debugging inspection and paint;

Produced services such as raw materials, purchased parts and supplies, delivery, custody, etc .;

Change the shape, scale, relative orientation and nature of the production target in the production process, making it into the process of products or semi-products, known as the skill process. Such as rough production, machining, heat treatment, installation, etc. are skills process.

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