What Is Precision Machining?

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Precision Machining is a process to remove material from a workpiece  while holding close tolerance finishes. The precision machine has many  types, including milling, turning and electrical discharge machining.  Advanced precision machining is performed by an  EDM machine.  A precision machine today is generally controlled using a Computer Numerical Controls (CNC).

Precision machining contributes parts and pieces from space shuttle pencils. Almost all metal products use precision machining, as do many other materials such as plastic and wood.  These machines are operated by specialized and trained machinists.

The precision machining process involves a cutting tool that removes material from the workpiece. In order for the cutting tool to do its job, it must be moved in directions specified to make the correct cut. This primary motion is called the “cutting speed.” The workpiece can also be moved, known as the secondary motion of “feed.” Together, these motions and the sharpness of the cutting tool allow the precision machine to operate.

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